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6 Reasons You Need the Elvie Breast Pump

6 Reasons You Need the Elvie Breast Pump

The Elvie Breast Pump is one of the hottest products on the baby market. Honestly, when I was creating my baby registry, I searched for registries that belonged to ANYONE I knew having a baby. One product that was almost always on the registries? The Elvie!

I didn’t know if I could justify that price without knowing if breastfeeding would work for me. I didn’t end up putting one on my registry and when it came time for me to exclusively pump, I seriously regretted that decision.

I quickly bit the bullet and bought one from Target with my Year of Benefits (20% off one breast pump and return for 90 days for any reason!)

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I’ve shared my Elvie review before, but here are six reasons you absolutely need the Elvie Breast Pump.

Easy to Pump Any Time

The most important aspect of the Elvie is that it is hands-free and wire-free. It literally slides into your bra. This makes pumping at any time (think stuck in traffic or on a delayed flight) absolutely simple. I used my Elvie in traffic and while getting my hair colored!

The Elvie can be manually turned on or controlled by an app! This makes it so that you can control it without reaching into your bra if your hands are busy! Just set up ahead of time, go about your day, and pump whenever you need to!

Easy to Pump Anywhere

On that same note, while using the Elvie you can literally pump anywhere. You are free to move around your house, neighborhood, or even the grocery store! Go out, run your errands, drive the car, hang out with your kids, or fly in an airplane – all while pumping! It really cannot be better than that!

As long as you aren’t bending over and spilling milk, the Elvie pump will do its job! This pump is so discreet that more often than not, other people won’t even know you’re pumping. It’s quiet and shaped like a breast, making it easy to hide under a looser top.

Similar Output to a Traditional Electric. Pump

When I purchased the Elvie, I was worried that my output with the Elvie would be significantly lower. Other than the first time I used it when I had to do a little bit of troubleshooting, my output was similar to when I used my Medela.

The Medela I have is a traditional electric pump and I had an oversupply. I will be honest and say I never used the Elvie as my pump for my two biggest pumps of the day. That was mostly because I knew I was producing more than the Elvie container could hold.

The Elvie can be your primary pump

If you end up exclusively pumping, the pump you choose as your primary pump is extremely important. If you only pump occasionally, you still want something that is extremely convenient.

So many women say they had another primary pump, other than the Elvie, but if you check with your insurance they could possibly cover the Elvie as your primary pump! Plus if it doesn’t work out, other pumps are less expensive to buy at full price.

Expensive upfront, but convenience makes it worth it! 

While the Elvie is expensive (it runs around $249 for a single or $499 for a double), the convenience of this hands-free breast pump makes it totally worth the cost. Plus, so much comes in the box with the actual Elvie pumps. There are two of every pump part, other than the flanges!

Lastly, it’s an amazing overall product

To be completely transparent, the Elvie hands-free breast pump is a quality, amazing product overall. My honest review of the Elvie pump can give you more information if you’re still not convinced. Convenience, discreetness, and how it works were some of the major selling points for me. Don’t take my word for it though, try one out yourself!

Have you tried the Elvie or any other wearble hands-free breast pump? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments!

6 Reasons You Need the Elvie Breast Pump
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