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Sasha’s Favorite Things

Sasha’s Favorite Things

Sasha’s Favorite Things

Sasha is growing up so quickly. Since her development right now, her favorite things have changed from month to month. I am introducing new toys and activities to her almost weekly since she is constantly developing her senses and motor skills. Make sure you add some of these to your baby registry!

Two Years Old – Favorite Things

Eighteen Months Old – Favorite Things

Twelve Months Old – Favorite Things

Nine Months Old – Favorite Things

Six Months Old – Favorite Things

Three Months Old – Favorite Things

Sasha’s personality has really started to come through in the past month. I have started to see more of her interests and how she interacts with her surroundings. She smiles more and has even started to squeal and giggle.

Here are a few of her favorite things at three months old:

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Seat

Close to her three-month birthday, I started putting Sasha into this seat as it allows her to see more of her surroundings while still being supported during sitting. I do tuck a rolled-up muslin blanket between her tummy and the seat for a bit of extra support.

Baby Delight Go With Me Bouncer

This bouncer is where I put Sasha when the family is eating. She’s not quite ready for a highchair, but the bouncer lets her see more than if she was just in her bassinet attachment of our stroller.

Speaking of strollers… We have the Mockingbird Single Stroller. (This is not an affiliate link as they do not do affiliates/discounts. However, I will be posting a full review soon!

SnuggleMe Lounger

The Snuggle Me was a lifesaver the first few weeks at home, but lately, Sasha has been napping in it more. She is NEVER unsupervised and only during short daytime naps, but it’s nice to be able to plop her down next to me while I get some work done!

Two Months Old – Favorite Things

At two months old, Sasha can’t tell me what her favorite things are. However, there are definitely toys and things she prefers and some that she just doesn’t care for yet! I based the items on this list on how happy she is when she sees or plays with them, and how long they capture her attention.

Here are a few of her favorite things at two months old:

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

From the very first time I gave her a bath, Sasha has loved the water! The bath is the best way to calm her down when she starts getting fussy right before bath time. I know lots of people love this bath support, but my brother had the older model of this same bathtub 18 years ago, so I went with this one. I think part of the reason Sasha loves the water is that during her bath, she is mostly in the water and we spray her with the shower hose. I have never used one of these shampoo rinsers and don’t cover her with a washcloth “to keep her warm”. I think the washcloth gets cold quickly and might be the reason some kids are uncomfortable in the water. The cup is a great alternative though if you do not have a detachable showerhead.

SmartNoggin NogginRings

This rattle was actually the first toy I ever used with Sasha. It works great at calming her down and distracting her when she is fussy. My brother actually referred to it as a “baby hypnotizer” because Sasha instantly is quiet when she sees this toy. Highly recommend it! Plus, the high contrast colors are great for her vision development.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

This was a toy I saw all over instagram as a fan-favorite, so I knew I had to put it on my baby registry. The first time I pulled it out for Sasha, she was a month and a half old. She loves listening to the music, and her feet are always moving, so she’s getting really good and kicking the piano keys. I also occasionally will use the mat for tummy time!

Sassy Stages Developmental Gym with Built-in Instructions

This play gym is our usual tummy time location. The mat is high contrast, as are the detachable toys! It also has developmental milestones written out, so that parents know what to work on with their children. I also registered for this additional mirror to keep her entertained while she’s on her tummy.

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifiers

I actually started out by giving her these pacifiers, up until she was 1.5 months old. I was worried that the Philips would block her nose, and I liked how the MAM was shaped to go around it. However, as soon as I tried the Soothies, Sasha loved taking a paci. I quickly ordered a bunch to make sure I had them in the diaper bag, stroller, and all around our house! These are also the pacifiers that are on Wubanubs, which I think are adorable, and will be giving to her soon!

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