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Books that Feature Diverse Families

Books that Feature Diverse Families

Books that Feature Diverse Families

I have always been a reader and books have been a huge part of my daily life since I can remember. My plan is to read to Sasha every night once she is old enough to look at the pictures. Currently, I read to her each morning while we get ready for the day and I’ll put books in front of her during tummy time. She loves to look at colorful pictures.

The other day I was listening to a podcast and the guest was talking about how she and her same-sex partner read books to their child with all different types of families. This really struck a chord with me. This podcast guest explained that reading these books shouldn’t just fall on parents in same-sex relationships or in families that don’t have the “typical” makeup, but all parents should introduce their kids to different types of families.

It’s our responsibility as parents to show children from a young age that not only are people diverse, but families are diverse too. I want Sasha to see kids in books that come from a family like ours with just a mom. I also want her to see families with just a dad, or two parents of the same gender, families that are interracial and families that have adopted or fostered children. When she meets people that come from various types of families, it won’t surprise her and she will be able to relate it back to something she’s seen in a book.

I’ve put together a list of some picture books for young readers that feature diverse families and diversity in general.

Books that feature diverse families:

General Diversity Books:

I added these books to the list because it is so important for kids to see kids that look like them and like others in their day-to-day life. As a classroom teacher, I always make sure that I have books in my room that my students can identify with. I want Sasha’s friends to be able to see themselves in her library too!

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