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Toys I Bought for My Two Month Old

Toys I Bought for My Two Month Old

Toys I Bought for My Two Month Old

Sasha recently turned two months old. Other than her favorite items, which you can see here, I didn’t have many toys for her. She had a few that were gifted and not yet opened, but I decided she needed a little variety. I quickly purchased a few items on Amazon while they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale. Every one of the toys I bought for my two-month-old that are on this list was on sale for less than $10. I can totally justify buying a few toys for her when they are so inexpensive! Plus, she’s two months and needs toys that help develop her senses or calm her down!

Some parents choose to go the wooden, Montessori route with toys. I didn’t. I decided if it was fun for Sasha and helped with her development, I was all for it. The toys on this list help develop her motor skills and her senses! Plus, they entertain her, so that’s a bonus!

Bright Starts Oball Shaker Rattle Toy

These oball toys are so popular and rightfully so! Sasha was able to hold onto this toy easily, working on her grip. Once I placed it in her hand she was able to shake it a little. She’s not yet able to pick it up on her own. Mainly though, I shake it in front of her to distract her when she gets fussy!

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This one is a favorite! The purpose of this toy is also to distract Sasha. She loves listening to music play and watching the lights change colors. This toy is for ages 3 months and up. Sasha was only two months old when I got it, but since she’s not the one holding it or playing with it quite yet, I got it a little early! I make sure to always pack it if we are going somewhere in the car (when I’m in the back with her) or out to a restaurant. As she gets older, she’ll be able to hold it and play with it on her own.

Manhattan Toy Atom Rattle & Teether Grasping Activity Baby Toy

Manhattan Toy Company toys are a favorite of ours. This atom toy doubles as a rattle and teether! Plus, the little rings make it so fun to play with. When I opened it, I realized I was sitting there fidgeting with it for about five minutes. Sasha also has the Winkel Rattle and teether from them, which she was gifted! I started to put both out in front of her during tummy time when she was two months old. I am hoping she starts reaching for them soon, but for now, she just enjoys looking at them.

Fisher-Price Coffee Cup Teether

Okay so I’ll be 100% honest and I bought this only because I thought it was cute. The rattle noise is very quiet, but the toy is so stinking cute that it’s ok! If it’s on sale, get it, but otherwise, wait until the baby is teething! I think it will be much more useful when Sasha is teething, instead of when she is just two months old.

Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

The last toy I ordered was these rattling maracas. Same purpose as all of the above, a great soothing distraction for Sasha. As she gets older, she’ll be able to grasp the toys and rattle them herself, but for now, Mama is the musician!

Overall, Sasha really only plays with toys while I am holding them or when she looks at them during tummy time. I picked inexpensive toys to get her when she’s two months old, since I know she’ll need other’s very soon!

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